Information security is a key issue in business. Data and knowledge are key competitive factors that must be protected comprehensively and sustainably.

Qualified consulting for effective hedging measures

It has always been important in politics and business to protect important and critical information from the eyes, ears and fingers of unauthorized third parties. More than ever before, corporate data, whether customer data, production and research data, or the entire body of knowledge, has become a central corporate resource and thus represents a considerable value. Its protection must be ensured on an ongoing basis to avoid suffering not only economic damage but also a loss of image as a result of an unauthorized data leak, for example. Ensuring a high and verifiable level of information security can also become a decisive competitive factor.

Information security is based primarily on qualified risk management

Information and its processing have become an essential part of the value chain. Whether optimizing business processes, dealing with Big Data, IoT or outsourcing more or less business-critical data and IT infrastructures to the cloud – the immense data streams also arouse desires that companies must actively counteract. The threat scenarios have become many times more complex and diverse, and increasingly difficult to navigate. Digital assets and their management require in-depth safeguards at all levels. This is not just about defining and implementing technical measures; at least as important is the ongoing sensitization and recurring training of employees on secure working and relevant threat scenarios.

Demonstrating the ability to guarantee resilient information security is also increasingly a decisive component, for example, in order to qualify as a supplier or other business partner. The ability to counter-attacks or, in the event of an emergency, even damage, with established risk management conveys the robustness of one’s own systems and the ability to act with foresight. A VDA audit or ISO 27001 certification not only protects the company and its assets, it can also serve as a competitive factor and as a key to opening up new business areas.

Information security is much more than compliance with the GDPR

The establishment of an independent security architecture requires individual developments that also incorporate the provisions of the GDPR. Realization, introduction, and operation of an ISMS touch all company areas and should be part of the future strategic company development. RMTP IT-Beratung und Service GmbH stands for qualified consulting on essential topics of information technology and information security – from short-term individual measures to balanced multi-projects, from medium-sized companies to large corporations.

Information security by RMTP IT-Beratung und Service GmbH – support and assistance is available in all relevant processes and issues of the company, as well as in the preparation for audits and assessments. In addition, RMTP offers consulting on IT strategy/IT governance, IT service management, risk management, information security, cybersecurity, functional security, automotive security and AUTOMOTIVE SPICE.



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