History and goal

RMTP IT-Beratung und Service GmbH was founded in 2011 in Berlin by Ralf Mekelberger. The goal was to share the experience gathered in an extensive network with people and companies interested in continuous improvement or problem-solving.

The experience gathered in a total of more than 20 years can be optimally integrated into standardized process models for the successful implementation of consulting tasks.

The demand for high-quality consulting at the interface between business and IT will continue to grow significantly in the coming years. Projects in these areas are indispensable for companies in all industries in order to successfully hold their own in the face of tougher competition. At the same time, a critical shortage of resources can be observed in the market, which will become even more acute in the coming years.

For interested potential new employees, a corporate culture and a demanding value system have been created since the company was founded, which has been effectively confirmed by positive customer feedback in recent years.

Team building and in particular the quality of the employees to be recruited continues to be the essential key to the success of the company. Knowing this situation, it is a matter of making a significant contribution as a company to the improvement of the market situation through qualified personnel development in connection with the growth in experience in customer projects.


The effectiveness of this methodology was proven by an external certification of the quality management DIN ISO 9001:2015 and for the management of information security DIN ISO 27001:2013 in all existing competence fields of the consultancy.

DIN ISO 9001

DIN ISO 27001

QMS ISO 9001


RMTP IT-Beratung und Service GmbH has been TISAX® certified since 2018 for the handling of data with high and very high protection requirements, protection of prototype parts and components and data protection with special categories of personal data.

TISAX assessments are carried out by accredited assessment service providers who regularly provide evidence of their qualifications. TISAX® results are not publicly accessible, but can only be accessed by registered users via the ENX portal. The scope ID and assessment ID for RMTP IT-Beratung und Service GmbH are S78KTH and ATRVFY respectively.

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Mission and team

As RMTP, we support you with our expertise in the essential workflows of your business processes. Our team and other experts from our partner network deliver tailor-made solutions, from single orders to support throughout the entire life cycle of the project.

Our core competence is consulting in the areas of:

  • IT governance/IT strategy, IT service management and risk management
  • Information Security, Cyber Security and Data Protection
  • Functional Security, Automotive Security and Automotive SPICE®.

We develop competent solutions in the industries:

  • Automotive
  • information and telecommunication service providers
  • alternative energy production
  • public administration

Partner network

Through a highly qualified partner network, we can offer and provide consulting services in our fields of competence on the market, even regarding extensive demand.

Our self-conception is a holistic consulting and service approach.
Based on this claim, we have established partner models and cooperations. These ensure that knowledge of the right scope and quality is available for every project.


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