Benefit from our experience and competence

We develop and offer solutions for the entire spectrum of information technology. In doing so, we can draw on the many years of international professional experience of our employees. In addition, we are extensively networked in business and research.

Our target customer base includes companies of a wide variety of legal forms and sizes in the following industries:

  • automobile manufacture
  • Information and telecommunications
  • energy supply
  • public administration

We are certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 and for this reason, we know exactly what it means to go through an audit and what you need to do to be successful in this area. We develop and know the processes and documents first-hand and pass on our experience as required.

Competence modules

Due to our many years of experience in various projects,
three essential fields of competence and an overarching component have emerged:

fileds of competence

1. IT Governance/IT Strategy

More than ever, information is crucial as a strategic success factor for the value creation of a company. To achieve this, it is important to link the strategy and goals of processes and information technologies as a management task to the corporate strategy. Together with you, we design your IT strategy and develop it further as required. The disciplines of risk management and IT service management complement this field of competence.



2. Information

A needs-based information security management system (ISMS) offers balanced protection for the essential information of your company and is indispensable for compliance with legal requirements, e.B. the EU General Data Protection Regulation. We design, implement and develop your ISMS based on your requirements and support you above all in the preparation and support of reviews and audits.



3. Functional safety

In order to respond to the now enormous complexity in vehicles and to the potentially associated life-threatening malfunctions, the topic of functional safety according to ISO 26262 and automotive security in the automotive industry is increasingly in focus. We advise you in the areas of safety management, safety assessments, process design according to Automotive SPICE® and prepare you for audits.



Comprehensive expertise

Across these three fields of competence, we can provide you with information, redesign processes and take over the program or project management for you. Through our targeted and proven partnerships, we can offer a holistic approach. Through the continuous further development of the process models with our customers and partners, we achieve a high degree of quality and customer satisfaction.

How do we come together?

  • Contact You us!
  • As part of an appointment or workshop at your location, we will be happy to present the results of our previous activities.
  • You will get to know our key players personally.
  • Together with you, we develop a coordinated process model and guarantee the success of our services under appropriate conditions.
  • Ideally, we start with a pilot project in which we can prove the effectiveness of our services together with you.

Your contact person:

Ralf Mekelberger


Phone: +49 30 6098 1892 0